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School Core Values

Reflection – How well have I displayed the school core values?


Loyalty 忠: 

Display faithfulness and devotion to our country. 显示对自己国家的忠诚及献身精神。

To be proud and have a sense of allegiance to school (through speech and conduct). 要效忠国家与学校,并为之感到自豪。(通过言语和行为)


Filial Piety 孝: 

Display respect, care and concern for one’s parents. 显示对自己父母的尊重、关心和关注。

To be filial to parents. To be respectful to elders. 要孝顺父母。要尊重长辈。


Integrity 节: 

Display a sense of honesty and truthfulness in one’s thoughts and actions. 显示对自己的行为及行事动机的诚实与真诚性。

To demonstrate the moral courage to do what is right. 要展示道德勇气,做正确的事情。


Justice 义: 

Display moral righteousness based on ethics, law and fairness.. 显示自己的道德是基于道德规范、法律、公平性。

To be fair and just. 要公平、公正。


Diligence 勤: 

Display zealousness and commitment in one’s actions and work. 显示关心自己的行为和工作的热忱。

To be hardworking. To be determined in completion of a task. 要勤奋。要以执着与坚定的态度完成任务。


Prudence 慎: 

Display sound judgment in decision-making and conduct. 显示为自己的决策和行为做出正确的判断。

To exercise sound judgment. To be cautious. 要具备合理的判断能力。要谨慎。


Sincerity 诚: 

Display genuineness and truthfulness of one’s feelings, thoughts and desires. 显示自己的感情、思想和愿望的真实性。

To be open and truthful. 要开通和诚实。


Modesty 朴: 

Display humility and simplicity in conduct and speech. 显示自己谦卑和简朴的行为和言论。

To be appropriate and simple in dressing. To be humble in conduct and speech. 衣着要适当、简单。行为和言语要谦虚。

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