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YED 2017 (Love Your Food Experiential Trail)

YED 2017 (Love Your Food Experiential Trail)

To kick off the Youth Environment Day 2017, some of our students visited Chongzheng Primary School on 7 April 2017.

This year’s focus is on minimising food waste and turning them into useful products like pet litter and fertilizers.

The students learnt about how food takes time to grow and transport and how it’s often wasted in seconds. Please refer to the newspaper cutting dated 8 April 2017 (Sat).



8Apr 2017, Sat YED 2017 Chongzhen Primary Pri
Osbert from 4C, who appeared in the Chinese papers for his diligence in carrying out the Love Your Food Trail activities, not only caught the eyes of the press but also the eyes of MOE’s corp. communications. His picture appeared in MOE’s Facebook page.
He is a good example of intrinsic motivation, activities conducted after school hours, no awards and no prizes to be won and yet he put in his best.
IMG_2687 The others who took part, managed a conversation with Minister Masagoes during the event.
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