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Media Resource Library

Media Resource Library

Mission for Pupils

To provide quality information resources and services that will promote excellence in pupils and assist in their cultivation of correct attitudes towards independent learning, reading and library research both in school and in adult life.

Mission for Staff

To provide quality and relevant information resources and services that will support the professional and personal development of staff towards excellence in teacher education.


  1. Term 3 Library Week
  2. Book Quizzes
  3. Library Theme of the term
  4. Reader Profiling Quiz Session for Primary 1
  5. OPAC/Sorcer sharings for pupils and teachers
  6. Top Readers of the semester (Individual Top Reader per class per semester, Top Class Readers per level per semester)
  7. Story-telling sessions (NLB Librarians, external vendors)
  8. Online book reviews @ Sorcer
  9. English/Chinese Book Displays
  10. Termly mini story-telling performance by MRL Club librarians for primary 1 and 2 pupils
  11. Primary 1 Library Orientation

Library Programmes

  1. R.S.V.P. Reading Programme (Reading Story by Vice-Principal for P1 & P2 pupils during recess)
  2. Library Instructional Programme for P1 & P2 pupils – Library Information skills & Library Citizenship
  3. Media Literacy Programme for Primary 4 pupils

Library Information

  1. Maximum number of books that can be borrowed per pupil: 4 books. Duration of loan: 2 weeks from due date
  2. Please do not drop any NLB books into the MRL Bookdrop
  3. No renewal of books
  4. No fines are imposed
  5. Library will be closed during the school holidays
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