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Corporate Social Responsibility & Partnership

Corporate Social Responsibility & Partnership

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee looks into areas in our school to encourage and instil all stake holders to be more socially responsible and to give back to society so as to become a better concern citizen. Our vision is to create a culture of care for the society for all our staff and pupils. We seek to educate and empower all pupils and staff with knowledge and opportunities to be a responsible and active contributor. The HSBC framework helps to guide us in the work we do for the school to develop and engage our students through the six years in Poi Ching School.

CSR Committee Members:

Mr Alvin Goh (SH CSR)

Mdm Suryana Buang

Mdm Tan Khing Khing

Mdm Jeanne Phuah

Mr Abdul Mohammed Zaiwul Haq

Mdm Tee Li Ping

Mrs Agnes Lee

Mr Eugene Chin

Ms Lai Yoke San

Mdm Chee Mei Ling

Mdm Li Jing

Ms Elizabeth Ng

Mr Victor Ho

Mr Ng Theng Hian

In alignment with our school’s CCE framework, The Head, Heart and Hands(3H) approach was infused with Design Thinking Process to engage our P1-6 students. All students in Poi Ching School will go through the 3H-Approach for their Values In Action. They are led through the adapted design thinking process based on the theme in their respective levels. With such an approach, students will be engaged in their head, heart and hands domains and carry out their roles as responsible citizens who care for the society.

In Poi Ching, we believe every student is a leader and all are given opportunities to assume leadership roles. The 3 tiers student leadership development targets different groups of students through various platforms with the infusion of our school values where specific leadership qualities and values are explicitly taught to all our students. Through the various platforms, opportunities and roles that our students assume, all students will develop to be an able and confident leader after 6 years of education in Poi Ching School.

Achievements and Awards:

Sustained 3R Award

SEC-StarHub School Green Awards:

3rd Lotus Sustained Achievement Award

Useful Links:

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Earth Hour:

National Environment Agency:

Greenwave Movement- Tree Planting:

Singapore Environment Council:

Climate Crisis Movement- CO2 Reduction:

Youth for the Environment Day (YED):

Environmentally Friendly food packaging & cutlery:

Waterways Watch Society:

PUB- Friends of Water:

Nature Society:

NEA Envision:

Starhub E-Waste Recycling:

Green Wave Environmental Care:


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Staff CIP: Hoarding Painting along Tampines Street 11

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