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Teachers-in-charge (OIC)

Abdul Mohamed Ziawul Haq:

Khuzaimah Mohd Ramli:

Dzaariny Bte Koloos:

Mohd Firdaus Salim:


The Scout Association is a voluntary uniform organisation that provides leadership and citizenship training through a combination of challenge, fun, adventure and skills training. It provides a healthy wholesome environment for nurturing the creative energies of youth.
Scouting emphasises learning by doing, and working in small groups with leaders chosen from among the scouts themselves. This early introduction to group work and self-government is seldom found elsewhere. Scouting prepares the students, through its myriad activities for a fruitful, productive and meaningful life. The leadership and organisational skills they acquire through running their own activities and setting their own goals equip them for the challenge of the future, and a life of service.
All Cub Scouts undergo training to build up individual and groups skills. There is a common module for progress badges and a choice of individual proficiency and skill badges. Scouts have many avenues for outdoor activities and adventure. They also have opportunities for many overseas events like Jamborees and Camporees where they get to meet fellow Cub Scouts from all over the world. Through the Scouts, they can build life-long friendships with people of different races and creeds, both at home and abroad.


  • Frank Cooper Sands Awards 2014 (Bronze)
  • Frank Cooper Sands Awards 2015 (Silver)
  • Frank Cooper Sands Awards 2016 (Gold)


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