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Chinese Drum

Chinese Drum



Mdm Lian Hwee Eng:

Teachers-in-Charge (OIC)

Mdm Liew Poh Lian:


Our drumming CCA started in 2012. Now, it holds 17 passionate and proud members who are ever eager to learn new skills. “Towards Excellence” is our motto and we have exemplified that while finding joy playing drums. Although we are young, we have gained exposure over these two years participating in various school events, community performances and grand events such as “OPOM – Our People Our Music” in year 2014.
All the members will learn various skills of Chinese Drum. The P5 & 6 leaders act as mentors for their P3 & 4 junior assistant leaders who will learn to manage a team and eventually take over as group leaders in Term 4.  We will also look out for potential leaders in P3&4 and provide opportunities for them to lead when they have mastered basic skills taught with potential leadership attributes. All the leaders and assistant leaders are clear of their responsibilities and roles. They are required to perform their assigned roles dutifully. The leaders will work collaboratively with the teachers in showcasing the performance. Leaders are expected to lead by example and continue to mentor their junior leaders. Modesty, integrity, loyalty and excellence are the core values for all to practise during CCA and in their daily lives. They are all very passionate and practise diligently the Chinese drums.

Upcoming Events

  • China-Singapore Calligraphy Competition at Vivo City on 3 Aug
  • Asean Para Games(closing ceremony) on 9 Dec at Marina Bay Sands


Performance at Vivo City .”CHEERS”! 

Rehearsal for “OPOM” at the National Stadium


Practice at school “united as one”

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