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Art Club

Art Club

Art club group photo 2016



Mdm Dawn Sim:

Teachers-in-Charge (OIC)

Ms Gan Ching Ching:

Mdm Farah Shauna:

Mdm Nur Aishah:


Poi Ching School Art Club aims to cultivate the love and appreciation of visual arts in our members by fostering individual creative expression and honing their artistic skills through fun and engaging art making processes. They will be equipped with art-making techniques and knowledge through the exposure and experimentation of a wide array of art experiences with a variety of art making tools and art mediums.

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Print Making

The pupils had the opportunity to try out printmaking at the start of the year and had loads of fun creating original prints. The leaders were also invited to share this fun activity during aesthetic week with all the different levels during the various recesses. Even the teachers and principal came by to try it out!

print-making-1 print-making-2 print-making-3
LE-1 LE-2 LE-3

Learning Journey to “The Future of Us”

The art club also went for this interesting and inspiring exhibition to explore the many possibilities of what Singapore could become in terms of the common living spaces and advancements to cater to the future Singaporeans.


SOTA Junior Academy Visual Arts Workshop Sharing by P6 Members

After attending the workshops in 2015, the P6 members formed a team to plan for a sharing session with the club. They had the chance to take on the teacher’s role to share “Charcoal Art” with the teachers and the junior members.
Batik Dye Art grp
Batik Dye Art-7
Batik Dye Art

The club also had hands on to make simple tie dye with rice papers and batik dyes to create a wall of colours. Thereafter, they also made use of the dye and salt to recreate artworks depicting textured flowers.

dot painting-1 dot painting-2

Dot Painting

Armed with cotton buds and paint, pupils recreate their versions of the underwater world.

creative problem solving

Creative Problem Solving Competition

The leaders in the club also had the chance to try out the Lego competition to learn how to troubleshoot the activity and fine tune the competition rules before they assist the teachers as facilitators during the Aesthetic Week.

P6 Farewell Gift-1 P6 Farewell Gift-2 P6 Farewell Gift-3 P6 Farewell Gift-4 P6 Farewell Gift-5
P6 Farewell Gift-6

“P6 Farewell Gift” – Our Traditions

As a yearly traditions, the junior members will design and create a handmade gift for each and every one of our P6 members just before their final lapse into PSLE. This year, they managed to pen inspiring quotations on handmade marbled paper and personalised clay magnets. We wish them all the best in their exams.

Past Year Activities

Appointed leaders in Primary 5 and 6 are given the opportunity to lead group members in 2D and 3D art projects like paper clay, wire-sculpting, origami, printmaking and reinventing masterpieces. After learning about master artists through group quizzes and stories, they lead their peers to brainstorm and critique their idea formulation and process before embarking on the team projects. After which, gallery walk are conducted to provide platforms for art appreciation. We also engage in art auction where members present each other’s work and try selling them to their targeted audience. 

In addition, members will have the opportunities to go on learning journeys to art exhibitions, participate in nationwide art platforms like the Singapore Youth Festival and art camps in places like EZCOE and SOTA. Pupils are exposed to a myriad of art forms, which reflect the creative imagination and thoughtful expression of their peers. Moreover, through these exhibitions and competitions, pupils will learn about various art genres and this helps to promote the culture of learning and sharing among the young budding artists.

Masterpieces Reinvented and Art Auction

Art Workshops

Group Presentation Slides on Contemporary Artists 

Lego Time! 

Learning Journey to SAM 

Wire Sculpturing

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